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Kamila Brzost

The head of Rekrut24 bureau and administration, expert in employee training

Director of the bureau and administration of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute Foundation.

Edyta Sylwia Górlicka, PhD

Expert in military sector, social integration, and human resources

The Director of Social Integration Center, since 2005 she has related to the military.

Cezary Kaźmierczak

Expert in the field of entrepreneurship and relations

The president of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, partner in MMT Management agency.

Piotr Małecki

A security and strategic communication expert

The owner of Defence24 Sp. z o.o.
– publishing the largest-in-scale websites in Poland and in Europe, comprehensively dealing with military, energetic and cyber-security issues.

Iwona Wardzyńska

Expert in building company image, in public relations and social projects (CSR)

She has been involved in public relations for over two decades, organizing events and promoting start-ups.

Tomasz Wróblewski

Expert in public speeches, credibility, and self-presentation

The President of the Warsaw enterprise Institute. Founder of such magazines as Newsweek Polska, Forbes Polska.


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