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Soldiers and other uniformed service members have a lot of traits and habits that are scarce in the contemporary labor market. The reality of service life and its separateness from the civilian world make it a breeding ground for real craft. On the other side ex-service members have problems with navigating through recruitment processes. The service which required modest attitude and team spirit makes them feel promoting themselves as something negative. This frequently results with the lack of confidence in being of real value in the civilian labor market. This is the reason why they quickly give up their attempts to find a new job after leaving the service.

Rekrut24 noticed the importance of this moment in the process of professional transition and designed a dedicated mentoring program. It involves providing
ex-service members with assistance, including a series of training courses and guidance sessions, enabling them not only to prepare to the recruitment process, but also to make right job and position choices. The mentoring process is not over once the new job is found. If the ex-service man or woman finds a job, we encourage them to remain with us, maintaining his or her user profile in our computer system. They will be notified of any changes and news offered to the former service members.


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