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If you have departed or retired from the military, Border Guards, or any other uniformed service, remember that your skills can be valued on the civilian market. Employers on the contemporary labor market appreciate the conscientiousness and self-discipline, which in the rapidly changing world are becoming scarce.

The contemporary employees, on one side, show growingly demanding attitude. On the other side, due to the weakening requirements in the education process, they not acquiring enough self-discipline and involvement in an assignment.

Many of us are bonded by our love to the uniform and love to our motherland which, supported with the demanding service, formed us as disciplined, responsible, and reliable in the way we complete our tasks. Such skills are developed in the hardships of service, on the military training fields, during missions, when putting our own life at risk. In the contemporary labor market, they are priceless.

We highly value your skills, attitude to work and experience.
Many employers also understand that it is better to hire an ex-soldier, conscientious and devoted to his or her work than to teach a young expert some discipline.

Rekrut24 has been established with this in mind, we connect servicemen and servicewomen with employers looking for personnel they can trust. We offer the best places to find a job for the former military community. Starting with counselling how to write a CV, we provide training courses and job offers. All our work is oriented on assisting you on your path to the ideal civilian career.


We offer you not only a list of job offers to browse. We have prepared forapply you a program of professional assistance, beginning with the basic and specialist system of training within the reconversion. You will be registered in the system, free of charge. Then, just browse the extensive data base with recruitment offers. Should you be interested in any of them, we will not leave you alone. We will lead you through the whole recruitment process, free of charge. Moreover, if you find a job, stay with us longer toapply let us support you along further steps of your civilian career.

We provide you free tools, your own profile, mentor support, fast recruitment, simple preparation of your CV, answering multiple job offers, providing current offers, notifications on the latest offers matching your expertise, technical assistance, and support.


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Your personal data are safe with us. We will not allow access to the database to any unconnected unrelated business, government, corporation, or any other entity.

Are you ready for the next move in your life? Take the next step in your career life with Rekrut24. Weapply will relocate you successfully to the civilian world.

If you are departing or retiring from the military and want to talk about possible options or you have been struggling with challenges connected with civilian employment and need advice, just write orapply call our number +48 660 036 792.




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