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About us

Rekrut24 is the first recruitment agency on the Polish market that provides comprehensive recruitment services for former members of the uniformed services. We offer the highest standards in the recruitment sector.

We are an independent and apolitical entity, set up to support former Republic of Poland’s military personnel, ex-uniformed services’ members, and employees towards their new professional path, on the civilian labor market.

Mentoring, training seminars, dedicated job offers, recommendations, the process of verification and selection of the best candidates for a given position and then, preparing them for the further stages of the recruitment process guarantees the employers that they find the best employee. For the candidates it means the obtaining of job offers that are the most appropriate for their needs.


Rekrut24’s mentors and its CEO have successfully transited from the military to the civilian labor market. Our staff are experienced recruiters. Most of them served in the armed forces or are experienced in business environment. We support and promote the professional growth of our team. Their diverse experience guarantees our thorough understanding the perspective of employers who intend to recruit the best ex-service members. We also know our candidates well – their experience, skills, expectations, and needs.

We understand
the employers

Rekrut24 is a unique combination of experience coming from the military sector, as well as the commercial and recruitment sectors. This fusion of expertise and familiarity with the market allows us to understand which candidates the employers seek.

We know, that when recruiting personnel to their companies they prefer people with commitment, initiative, and passion. We are certain that such are the characteristics of people retiring or departing from service and that we can find the right candidate for the given position.

support candidates

We provide recruitment counselling for ex-members of the uniformed services. We are experts in this field. We know the sector, we are familiar with its processes, systems and challenges the employers face, as well as all the reservations that the recruiters deal with.

We have collected the most important experiences and stories to design a coherent system of preparing professionals for new jobs and to enable them direct access to an employer.

Our candidates can be confident, we will help them in making the best choice.


18 Foksal Str. Warsaw 00-372

+48 502 424 099

We recruit skills. We connect employers with former soldiers and officers.